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Welcome to I haz codes

I haz codes is a website designed to help you explore and learn how to program. The learning Python section you may notice is a little light on tutorials. This is intentional! There are lots of websites out there which will teach you the basics, or even the more advanced, aspects of Python so there is little point re-inventing the wheel.

So how does this website differ?

Learning to program requires you not only to learn the syntax of a language, but also to develop your problem solving skills. Your computational thinking skills. This can only be done through taking on problems and trying to solve them. That is what is at the heart of this website! You will find lots of problems to try out in the Python tasks section. Each one will have a point score which reflects the difficulty. Each task also has a comment system, so you can give feedback and discuss the problem.

Once you have completed a task you can then submit it. This will require you to create an account. The task will be sent over to me, Mr Hamflett, for marking. I will then mark it as correct or not! If it is correct you will be given the allocated points.

As the term goes on there will be competitions and rewards. You can find more about what rewards you can claim in the the “my awards” section which will summarise your current progress. You can also find out how you are comparing to your peers on the high score table.

The true goal of this site is to get you problem solving and expressing your solutions to those programs in code.

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